SWS23 • Art For Right Now 2023: Small Works Show 2023

18 November - 18 December 2023




The Art For Right Now: Small Works Show 2023
November 18 - December 18, 2023
Online and in-person at gallery b.

This special event show offers 2 sizes of paintings for 2 prices:
• All 5x7" works are $200.
• All 8x10" works are $325.


This show features artists from near and far, mostly mid-career artists and a few fresh emerging voices. We offer this show as a gesture of community spirit, artists appreciating artists, and giving back to our friends and communities by creating opportunities for affordable art. This show arose out of a need for the 10x8 group of artists to carry on during the pandemic. We saw an opportunity to bring the work of many more artists to a wider audience and put more fine art into the hands of more people.


Proceeds from this exhibition go toward providing much-needed funding to support the professional development of our artists through our Visiting Artist Program, which brings artists to our community and provides studios, accommodations, stipends, and opportunities to interact with the community in meaningful ways. 


Saturday, November 18: Exhibition opens online at 9:00 AM and then in-person at gallery b. opens at 10:00 AM.


Weekly, new works added:

  • Saturday, November 18th, 9:00 AM EST
  • Saturday, November 25th, 9:00 AM EST
  • Sunday, December 3th, 9:00 AM EST
  • Saturday, December 9th, 9:00 AM EST
  • Saturday, December 9, 9:00-2:00: 10x8 Special Sale. This event is limited the works of the 10x8 group: Louise Bourne, Missy Greene, Rebecca Haley McCall, Gail Page, Annie Poole, Cynthia Winings, and Goody-B. Wiseman 
  • Sunday, December 18: In-person exhibit at gallery b. Closes, shipping ends until the new year.
Confirmed 2023 Artists  (List-in-Progress):
Alex Beard, Alex Sax, Alison C. Dibble, Alissa Davies, Amy Bernhardt, Amy D. Graham, Andrew W. Young, Anna Dennis Dibble, Annie Poole, Augusta Sparks Farnum, Avy Claire, Barbara Snapp, Basha Olson, Bibby Loring , Buzz Masters, Caroline Sulzer, Charlotte Clews, Chrissy Nickerson , Claire Dibble, Cynthia Gallant, David Wilson, Drew Klassen, Drew Klassen, Eileen Ahern, Eliza Day-Green, Elizabeth Ashton Hallett, Emily Boucher, Gail Page, Gayle Lewis, Gloria Harrelson , Goody-B Wiseman, Gretchen Warsen, Hannah Bureau, Hannah Burr, Hattie Barker, Heather Lyon, Holly H. Perry, Jane McKenzie, Jennifer White, Jenny Brillhart, Jill Finsen, Jill Hoy, Juliane Gardner, June Kellogg, Kate Emlen, Katharine Bell, Kristin Malin, Kristy Cunnane,  Laura Barr, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Leah Jacobs, Lindsay Hopkins-Weld, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Liza Cassidy, Lopi Williams , Louise Bourne, Luc Bernay, Lyn Mayewski, Lynn Cooper, Lynn Wessel, Marcia Stremlau, Marcie Jan Bronstein, Marjorie Sopkin, Megan Magill, Melissa Greene, Melissa Kuntz, Michele Levesque , Mike Ousley, Molly Dwyer, Nisa Smiley, Pamela Elias, Paul Davies, Phoebe Zildjian, Rebecca Haley McCall, Rebekah Raye, Roberta Amina Greany, Sam Jones, Sarah G Lee, Sarah Sackville, Shelley Mansel, Sherry Streeter, Susan Ferro , Susan Finsen, Toby Gordon, Trish Pettigrew, Johanna Reynolds Nancy Gruskin Wendy Fullenweider, Celeste Henriquez, Jeff Sias
Installation Views