Nancy Friedland

Nancy Friedland is a photographic artist who uses her medium to present wistful scenes and narratives of loss and isolation. Friedland received her training in photography, though she also incorporates collaged and mixed-media techniques in her practice. One of her iconic bodies of work, titled “The Pity of Lost Things” (2005), was made from young children’s class photographs, in which she isolates articles of clothing using single, opaque colors. Her other series’ subjects include plants, landscapes, animals, and people. A more recent series of works, titled “Vigil” (2011), features potted plants, positioned in various wallpapered interiors. Friedland said that she had hoped to capture a sense of ambivalence and melancholy, but that “plants can be difficult: they are strangely shy in front of my camera and I am often awkward in front of them.