Johanna Reynolds



Johanna studied Art History and Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She owned and curated a commercial gallery in Toronto from 2009-2013 before turning her full attention back to her own painting practice in 2017, after taking some time off to raise her two young children. She works and lives in her hometown of Toronto with her family, where her abstract paintings enjoy an impressive local and international following. Her work can be found in residential and corporate spaces across the globe.



Tuning into the natural world, Johanna Reynolds creates dynamic abstractions using oil and acrylic paint. Reynolds’ work is known for elegant, contemplative layers interrupted by moody, gestural bursts of unexpected colour.


From series to series, colour palettes intersect at a riotous pace, borrowing elements from plant life, rocks, water and sky. These elemental forces create sweeping nuances which cause emotional stirrings within the viewer. These non-representational landscapes aim to hint at something familiar, yet remain open-ended to allow the viewer’s imagination to complete the story.