Morning Gloom with Bright Breaking Sun - a Memorial Day Tradition

It looked like it was going to rain on our parade, but the weather broke just before the fife-and-drum band started marching. The yellow rain jackets always lend nice color punches to the photographs. 

When your town is one that was established in 1613 you can count on certain historical traditions. Here in Castine we love our annual Memorial Day parade and our Fourth of July children's parade. The Memorial Day parade begins at our cemetery, winds down to the town common and finally we all follow the music down to the waterfront where children help to consign a commemorative wreath to the deep blue sea. 

Today was the first day August brought out his "bike" for an adventure - here he is crazy with joy:

We arrived just in time for the fife-and-drum band - that's their stockings to the right of Jasper and August.

Elias and August enjoy a good romp down to the waterfront.

Elias reaches for August's hand to cross into the middle of the road. There's Dottie!