Glowering Clouds, 40% Chance of Rain, Opening Night!

It was the kind of day typical of spring that with every new hopeful spring we become amnesiac about - in May it storms off-and-on all the time. We use our space heaters, we layer, we expect weather disaster at all times because in May the weather forecast is MEANINGLESS. Clouds suddenly blast up Penobscot Bay and unexpectedly down the river and have their way with us. And then they leave. On the other side of the coin there are always storms forecasted that never show up. This is true of June too. 

I am not a meteorologist. If you are - please excuse my liberties. 

The Grand Opening Night of gallery b. was fabulous. So much fun! We were packed for hours and so happy to see so many friends and well-wishers after a long winter. We had delicious food from Markel's Bakehouse, beautiful flowers from Ruthie Eaton and so much good art.

The rain held off. 

Ruthie and Kenny Eaton

left to right I see artwork by Susan Parish Adam, Kara Taylor, Gayle Lewis, Louise Bourne, Liddy Fitz-Gerald (above), and Hannah Bureau. Also I see those incredible green olives from Max at the Blue Hill Wine Shop 

Here I see artwork, left to right, from Goody-B. Wiseman, Susan Parish Adam, Kara taylor, GBW again and Gregory Dunham. Great opening wine and THOSE OLIVES  from Max at the Blue Hill Wine Shop and food from Markel's Bakehouse. YUM.


It was wall to wall with great people and I forgot to take pictures during the thick of it!

Louise Bourne

Here is Louise Bourne! She made this incredible 12 foot set of paintings of the islands off of Cape Rosier:

World Without End, oil on canvas by Louise Bourne, 14 Cups and a Pitcher by Eila Remelius, Ringlet by Basha Olson

I see a few Tenneys, Steve Lieser, our ceramicist - Eila Remelius Wiseman, Amy Loomis, Brooke Tenney, Jasper, and Christian Booth

Marianne Lee, Gil Tenney and Temple Blackwood and a Liddy Fitz-Gerald in the background.

And here comes Terry Jennings, Liddy Fitz-Gerald and Stephan Fitz-Gerald! Liddy made this:

Liddy Fitz-Gerald, All the Lonely People

Last folks in... Artwork, L-R, by Louise Bourne, Eila Remelius, Temple Blackwood, Bradley Wiseman, Kara Taylor, Josh Adam, Susan Parish Adam, Julia Parish, and Lyn Mayewski.

BLOCK PARTY! Nah, just winding down and out onto the street. I see Susan Parish Adam, Wyllis Terry, Julia Parish, Elias Lieser, Kevin Olson, and Larry Oster. 

Gloaming falls on the end of the party at gallery b.

Thank you everyone for coming out to say hello and celebrate with us. And thank you so much to the artists without whom we would be nothing: Susan and Josh Adam, Louise Bourne, Temple Blackwood, Hannah Bureau, Tim Christensen, Heidi Daub, Gregory Dunham, Liddy Fitzgerald, Marie Forrestall, Renee Forestall, Missy Greene, Lyn Mayewski, Gayle Lewis,  Basha Olson, Julia Parish, Roddy Scheer, Nisa Smiley, Kara Taylor, Cynthia Winings, Goody-B. Wiseman, Eila Remelius and Bradley Wiseman.